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Top Sex Positions and Tips: How to Get Pregnant After Abortion

Top Sex Positions on How to Get Pregnant After Abortion

For some couples getting pregnant after abortion is easy, while for others it is a devastating period which results in failure from one month to another (Read more: First Week of Pregnancy). Every couple who wants to have a child, expects to get pregnant during the current or next menstrual cycle, and not months or even years from now! How to make it happen! How to achieve the desired goal as quick as possible? Do Sex positions matter?

When to Have Sex If You Want to Get Pregnant

Having regular sexual intercourse is one of the things that will result in conception and pregnancy. It is recommended to have twice or three times a week sexual intercourse, in order to increase the chances of succeeding. This is especially important in most fertile days of the menstrual cycle, usually around the ovulation time. So, timing is very important when trying to get pregnant (Learn more: Discharges During Pregnancy).

Eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, no stress and a lot’s of physical activities daily, increase the chances for you and your partner to achieve the desired goal as soon as possible. Taking folic acid couple of months before trying to conceive and especially during the first months of pregnancy is also very important, as it increases the chances of getting pregnant, secures an overall good health of the mother and the fetus, but also prevents fetal problems like spina bifida.

How to Get Pregnant After Abortion Fast and Easy

Don’t have a shower or bath immediately after sexual intercourse, as it changes the vaginal pH and your chances of getting pregnant.

But, which sex position is more likely to give results quickly? Do sex positions matter while trying to get pregnant? It is believed that missionary position is the one that leads to speedy pregnancy. The missionary position is the sex position in which the man is on top of the woman. It is also recommended that women continues to lay down, on her back, just as she was during missionary position at least for another 30 minutes after the job is done. While it makes some sense, due to the fact that gravity does it work, the semen has its time to get deep into the vagina, through the cervix and right into the tubes where it should fertilize the egg (Learn also: Infertility in Women).

What Position Is More Likely to Get You Pregnant

Another recommended sex position for quicker results is doggy style. The doggy style position is the sex position in which the man penetrates the woman from behind, while she is bent over. It is a sex position that allows deep penetration, and probably this is the logical explanation for its success.

However, there is no medically based evidence that one position is better than the other. Basically, you can get pregnant in almost any sex position. However, certain sex position that defy the gravity such as standing positions, sitting positions or the position where the woman is on top of her partner, may discourage the sperm from traveling against gravity.

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