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Birth Injuries: Top 6 Things You Need to Know

Even though labor and childbirth present a normal process for a pregnant woman sometimes not everything goes well and even physical injuries of the infant occur. Luckily the incidence of birth injuries is decreasing every day more and more due to the fact of an increase of C-section d
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Top Sex Positions and Tips: How to Get Pregnant After Abortion

Top Sex Positions on How to Get Pregnant After Abortion
For some couples getting pregnant after abortion is easy, while for others it is a devastating period which results in failure from one month to another (Read more: First Week of Pregnancy). Every couple who wants to have a child, expects to get pregnant during the current or next men
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Braxton Hicks Contractions | Ob-Gyn Downtown NYC

Braxton Hicks Contractions - Ob-Gyn Downtown Brooklyn
Braxton Hicks contractions are sporadic uterine contractions that usually start after the 6th week of pregnancy. Usually, these contractions are felt from the pregnant women only later during pregnancy (Read also: Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period). There is always the possibili
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Prenatal Tests | Ob/Gyn Services Brooklyn

Prenatal Tests Ob-Gyn Services Brooklyn
There are two types of tests performed in pregnant women: routine prenatal tests that are necessary for every pregnant woman and some additional tests which are recommended for women with high risk pregnancies. Common Test Performed During Pregnancy CBC – complete blood count is neces
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