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Pregnancy Ailments – Helpful Home Remedies

Pregnancy Ailments - Helpful Home Remedies
Pregnancy Ailments – Helpful Home Remedies

Have you sensed unusual changes in your body following conception? Do not worry. These are completely physiological alterations of body equilibrium in response to pregnancy. Hormonal instability, weight gain and different biochemical changes are responsible for these minor complaints. The majority of pregnancy ailments are self-limiting and within the tolerance level of a usual pregnancy. But often they turn problematic. Assurance, physiotherapy and some kind of lifestyle modification can help you to get relief from these pregnancy ailments.

Pregnancy Ailments: Nausea, Vomiting

This is the first and one of the commonest pregnancy ailments. The exact cause is not known. You should avoid fatty foods and take dry biscuits and cakes before rising to bed. Take your food in small quantities at frequent intervals. Get plenty of rest and sleep. This is usually self limiting and gradually passes off in the second half of pregnancy.

Urinary Frequency

Pressure of the growing uterus over the bladder result into increased urinary frequency. Try to evacuate your bladder voluntarily repeatedly. Do not avoid taking plenty of water. This usually passes off after 12 weeks. Please note for any burning micturation which may indicate urinary tract infection.

Fatigue or Desire for Excessive Sleep

It is also one of common pregnancy ailments and supposed to be the effect of pregnancy hormone progesterone. Adequate rest and proper hydration are needed during this period.


Surprisingly, you may also experience this. The reason is essentially psychological. Try to avoid tea or coffee after evening. Dinner should be light. It is better to avid drinking a large quantity of water before going to bed.


You may experience acidity, bloating or regurgitation of food following major meals. Try to avoid fatty foods. Keep an upright posture for one hour after any major meal. You can opt for antacids to get relief of this pregnancy ailment.


This is very common and annoying. Drink plenty of water and green vegetables for regular bowel movements. A mild laxative at night time is occasionally needed. Remember iron tablets advised for you can cause constipation.


Lying on a hard surface, improvement of posture, massaging the back muscles can give some relief. Always support your back with a cushion while sitting and sit straight. Avoid bending forward. You should avoid using tight belts and high heel shoes. Rest and hot compress over back occasionally appeared beneficial.

Leg Cramps

You may suffer from occasional leg cramps. Cause of occasional leg cramps is not known. Local heat, leg massage, calcium intake appear sometime beneficial to get relief from this ailment.

Engorged Leg Veins

Veins of your lower limbs get engorged and become prominent due to pressure from the gravid uterus over the main abdominal vein. You should take periodic rest with elevation of legs. In extreme cases, elastic stocking usually relieve the symptoms of engorged veins. Vulval swelling is not an unusual thing and application of foam rubber pad decreases the swelling.

Ankle Edema

This is also physiological and you will notice it appearing especially at the end of the day. This swelling is usually remaining restricted to feet and ankle. Slight elevation of the leg is only needed to get relief.

Vaginal Discharge

Do not get frightened. Troublesome white vaginal discharge is common due to excessive secretion of mucus. Usually it does not require any treatment apart from local cleanliness and wearing sterile vulval pads. But if it is associated with itching or offensive smell, you need a checkup.

Profuse Salivation

The cause is unknown. This is self limiting and apart from mouth washes need no treatment. This is called ‘’Ptylism’’.


Sudden appearance of rectal piles while pregnant is another annoying issue. This is also one of the common pregnancy ailments and may cause bothersome complications like bleeding or may get prolapsed. Regular use of laxatives to keep the bowel soft, local application of ointments is sufficient to get relief. No active treatment is needed and piles usually disappear following delivery.

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