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Watery Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

Watery Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

It is normal for the cervical fluid to change throughout the menstrual cycle. At some point during a normal menstrual cycle it can be runnier, while at other times it can be much thicker. Sometimes it can even have a smell or change its color. It is very important to check your cervical fluids throughout the month, and when a change different from a normal is noticed, medical help is necessary. The changes of your cervical fluid during pregnancy require more attention. Even though, they might be very common and even harmless, they can be quite worrying. During pregnancy, the watery vaginal discharge could be just urine, which is normal for future expecting mothers. This is a normal and common thing that affects most of the pregnant women during coughing, sneezing or laughing.

What Causes Watery Vaginal Discharge

Watery vaginal discharge that is not urine could be caused by some other more important things that require medical attention, sometimes even urgent medical attentions. Other types of watery viginal discharge during pregnancy can include:

Leukorrhea – due to a rush of estrogen during pregnancy, there is also a rush of blood in the pelvic area which can cause watery discharges during pregnancy.

Amniotic Fluid – watery discharges that results to be amniotic fluids is more common during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Mucus Plug – is normal signs of the labor. The amount of the discharge in this case depends from one woman to another. For some women it could be a smaller amount of fluid, while for others it could be heavy rush fluid. However, keep in mind that it might take a time until the baby is born, from the time that the mucus plug is expelled. Unless there is blood presence in the mucus plug, you should wait before the contractions start to contact your doctor and midwife you will assist you during childbirth.

Discharges During Pregnancy That Require Medical Help

Watery vaginal discharge during pregnancy can be caused also by something serious, which can also affect your pregnancy and often lead to preterm labor. Some of the conditions that do require medical attention include:

  • Yeast Infection
  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Preterm Labor.

Watery Vaginal Discharge Treatment

If you experience any change on the amount of watery vaginal discharge during pregnancy, if the discharge has changed in color and if there is a smell that accompanies it you should seek medical help. Especially, seek medical help in cases when there is blood in this watery viginal discharge or if any other signs and symptoms are present like abdominal pain or lower back pain, if the contractions have started, etc.

If the watery viginal discharge is not due to an infection, there is nothing that can help you stop it. You can use panty liners to absorb the fluids, but avoid using tampons during pregnancy. If the cause of watery viginal discharge is infections, do not try to treat them on your own with over the counter medications, but seek medical help. Infections during pregnancy are one of the most common causes of preterm labor.

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