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RU-486: A safe, non-surgical solution to unwanted pregnancy

Choice is among the most vital concepts in the treatment of patients at Best Women’s Medical Care in Brooklyn, NY. This long-established practice believes that all patients deserve to have as many as possible available to them in their gynecological care and pregnancy counseling.

For example, one of the most interesting developments in treatment of unwanted early-stage pregnancy in recent years is a non-surgical treatment delivered in pill form called RU-486. This treatment option requires no surgical intervention and no anesthesia.

Known under the generic name Mifeprex, this treatment offers the newest alternative option to women in the earliest weeks of pregnancy – up to 8 weeks. In pill form, the treatment can be taken in comfort and privacy, although a commitment to at least two office visits is required. Best Women’s Medical Care established this two-visit policy that includes a counseling session in order to:
a) Assess the patient’s desire to participate in the abortion process
b) Ensure that the pregnancy has been effectively terminated after the treatment

How it works
The pill, RU-486, also known as the abortion pill, was approved by the FDA in October, 2000. It is a synthetic hormone treatment taken as a pill that blocks the production of another hormone in the body required for pregnancy to continue. Without this crucial hormone, the pregnancy will terminate and be absorbed into the patient’s system.

There is also an injection form of the medication available called Methotrexate. The injection form will end the pregnancy, but a second treatment of anther medication called misoprostol is required to complete the process.

Specialized Medical Counseling
Patients undergo an individualized counseling session at Best Women’t Medical Care where both of these options for medical abortion will be explained and discussed as well as any other options that may be preferable for each patient’s unique circumstances.

In order to qualify for non-surgical, medical abortion, the patient must be no more than 8 weeks pregnant. Also, once the medication is first administered, either by pill or injection, the abortion must be completed.

During the first visit, one of our board-certified Ob/GYN physicians will conduct an ultrasound exam to determine the number of weeks the patient has been pregnant before prescribing any treatment. During the follow-up visit – scheduled one to two weeks after the first – a second ultrasound exam will determine the effective completion of the procedure as well as the safety of the patient. Expert staff will also discuss contraceptive options with the patient during the follow-up visit.

Women with an Rh Negative blood type will require an injection of Rhogam to alleviate the risk of hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) in future pregnancies. The patient’s blood type will be tested prior to starting any treatment.

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Dr. Dmitry Bronfman

Dmitry Bronfman, MD, is a board-certified gynecologist who specializes in all aspects of contemporary women’s health, preventive medicine, pelvic pain, minimally invasive and robotic surgery, and general, adolescent, and menopausal gynecology.

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