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Menstrual Periods Following Abortion Procedure

Menstrual Periods Following Abortion Procedure

If for any reason you undergo a surgical abortion, there is normal to have some bleeding after abortion procedure. Bleeding tends to be lighter than normal menstrual bleeding and it usually starts after the procedure itself. However, it is also normal for some women to have vaginal bleeding which starts within the first few days after the surgical abortion. It is also normal to have heavier blood loss than normal during menstrual periods, or even passing small blood clots.

Normal Bleeding after Abortion Procedure

However, it is also considered normal not to bleed at all after a surgical abortion procedure, as well as bleeding on and off for a period of time up to six weeks after this surgical procedure.

In cases of medical abortions, the bleeding is usually more severe when compared to surgical abortion (Read also: Abortion Pill). During this bleeding, the gestational sac will get detached from the uterus and be expelled with the bleeding. Don’t get afraid if you notice tissue, it is something normal. The heavy bleeding should last only a day or two. However, it is normal to experience a certain amount of bleeding for about two weeks after medical abortion procedure.

You should consult with your doctor if you need to change your pads more than once an hour within the first days after the surgical abortion, or after two days in cases of medical abortion.

Except bleeding, it is also normal to experience abdominal cramps, especially in cases of medical abortion procedure.

Avoid using tampons, sexual intercourse, lubricant, etc., for a couple of weeks after the abortion as it can increase the risk of infections.

When the Menstrual Periods Will Return to Normal after an Abortion?

Regardless of the fact if it was a surgical or medical abortion, the first normal menstrual period usually starts within four to eight weeks after the abortion procedure. Menstrual periods can start even earlier in cases when the pregnancy was terminated very early, within the first few weeks. Usually, the first menstrual period following the abortion is heavier. However, some women reported lighter menstrual periods following abortion than their normal menstrual periods. It is also normal to have irregular menstrual periods for a certain amount of time after terminating a pregnancy. The body and especially the hormonal levels require some time until they get back to normal and start functioning as they should.

Women who usually have irregular menstrual cycles sometimes need up to 12 weeks for their menstrual periods to start.

Tips to Speed Recovery after Abortion in Brooklyn

Worrying after an abortion is normal. However, if you take a good care of yourself the first few days or weeks after the procedure, if you attend your follow – up examination, there is nothing to be concerned. An ultrasound two to three weeks after the termination of the pregnancy, should confirm that the embryo is successfully expelled and that you are no longer pregnant.

Women, who still have not got their menstrual periods 12 weeks after the termination of the pregnancy, should make an appointment with their doctor and get another total check – up in order to determine the cause of this absence of menstrual periods after the abortion procedure.

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