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Does Walking Induce Labor? – Brooklyn Abortion Clinic

Does Walking Induce Labor - Brooklyn Abortion Clinic (1)

Being parents is the most amazing and happiest moments in life. However, giving birth for the first time is very stressful for many women. Not knowing how and especially when the labor will start, makes many women nervous and yet somehow curious about the whole child delivering process. Once the due date has passed and there are no signs that the baby will come out soon, other worries preoccupy women. There are always the thoughts about the condition of the baby, is everything Ok with the babies health, why the labor has not started yet as the doctor has calculated, why labor contractions are delayed, etc. However, if this is the case, there are many different methods of giving birth to your child perfectly normally and healthy after the due date has passed. One of the things that can help your baby move and get out faster from your belly is said to be walking. It is believed that walking can induce labor.

Best Methods to Induce Labor in Brooklyn

You should consult with your doctor first, once your due date has passed and the baby won’t come out in the world. Only our good gynecologist at Abortion Clinic located in Brooklyn will tell you if walking is a safe and the right method for inducing labor. Only your doctor will tell you how much walking you should do daily in order to induce labor. Keep in mind that no matter how much walking you do daily, you won’t deliver your baby vaginally unless your medical condition permits something like that. In many cases a C-Section is required in order to deliver the baby when the due date has passed. However, in some cases inducing labor with medications is also recommended. As mentioned before, only your doctor is the one who will decide what is better and safer for you and your baby. Once your due date has passed, it is wise to consult with your doctor and get a total medical and gynecological evaluation of the situation.

How much walking is needed varies from women to women. Optimal results are seen only then when both the mother and the baby are ready for active labor.

Safe Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Staying active during the whole pregnancy is very important. However, walking as much as you can the last few weeks of pregnancy is something that can help deliver your baby on time. Staying upright will also help your baby slide along further down the cervix (Read also: Inflammation of the Cervix). Staying upright or even walking daily, putts pressure in the baby’s head, leading to the production and release of Oxytocin, a hormone will is important during pregnancy.

Walking to much is also not good, as anything else that is too much. It is wise to get someone walk with you for your own safety.

There are different types of walking that can help induce labor. Some of them include:

  • Walking on uneven ground – be careful not to lose the balance while walking. Make your partner walk with you for your own safety.
  • Walking upstairs – walking up and down the stairs helps. However, keep in mind that you should pay extra attention while walking up and down the stairs. Always look for help from your partner for your own safety.

Alternative Methods to Inducing Labor

Walking should be avoided if you have more time until delivery. You should also avoid walking in cases when there is a problem with your pregnancy, you are having a risky pregnancy, your water has broken and the amniotic fluid has leaked out, etc.

Other alternative methods that will induce labor include:

  • Nipple stimulation
  • Sex
  • Acupressure, etc.

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