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5 Top Abortion Myths

5 Top Abortion Myths

Are you pregnant? Is it an unplanned pregnancy? Are you thinking about abortion? If, yes, reading this article might help you answer some of the questions you might have about abortion myths. However, if you are considering an abortion as an option to terminate your pregnancy, talk to your doctor at Brooklyn abortion center . He/She might be able to answer all your questions, fears and doubts.

There are a lot of different opinions about abortion. Some are against it, while others support it. But, every women (every couple) should have the right to choose if she (they) want to have another child. However, a lot of abortion myths exist.

Can Having an Abortion Affect Fertility?

Abortion Myth 1: Having an abortion might lead to infertility, ectopic pregnancy and greater chances for breast cancer.  – Until today, various researches have shown no link between abortion and infertility, ectopic pregnancy or greater chances for breast cancer. If the abortion procedure is performed by a competent person, in a safe and well known clinic, respecting all the steps of the procedure, the chances for possible complications after abortion are very small.

 Abortion Myths: Women’s Right to Decide?

Abortion Myth 2: Women don’t have the right to decide what is best for them. Women don’t have the right to decide about having an abortion. – Women know best what to do in cases of an unplanned pregnancy. However, the decision of having an abortion should be made together with the partner/spouse. In cases when one partner is pro having an abortion and the other is against it, problems may rise which will interfere in the relationship/marriage. Every woman knows very well her life circumstances, capability and resources of having a child or having an abortion. No one else should make that decision for them.

Abortion and Mental Health Problems

Abortion Myth 3: Abortion can lead to mental health problems afterward – This is not really true. Most of the women cope well with the abortion procedure and the loss of the baby. Women do not find the abortion as something emotionally harmful or stressful. However, it is normal for a short period of time after the abortion to have difficulties. Women do cope positively the abortion and do not have problems in the future. It is also important to find someone who will be there for you to support you like the partner/spouse, friend, family member, health care provider, etc.

Values of Motherhood and Unplanned Pregnancy

Abortion Myth 4: Women who decide to have an abortion do not value motherhood – There are always different opinions for women who decide to have an abortion for whatever reason they might have. Some women who decide to have an abortion in an unplanned pregnancy are already mothers. They decide to have an abortion because they do not have adequate resources to give birth and raise another child. Some women do have children, while others decide not to have children for various personal reasons.

Deciding to Have an Abortion or Keep the Baby

Abortion Myth 5: Only some types of women decide to have an abortion – This is absolutely not true. Every kind of women coming from various backgrounds and social status might have an unplanned pregnancy and decide to have an abortion. Not only teenagers, not only woman from a certain Country in the world, not only poor or rich women, etc., decide to have an abortion. Women from all over the world, at different age, no matter if they are poor or rich, no matter if they are mothers or not, no matter if they have a school degree or not decide to terminate an unplanned pregnancy for various personal reasons.

Abortion is not a myth. It is your decision to terminate an unplanned pregnancy or have the child instead. No one else should make that decision for you. It is every woman’s right to choose what’s best for her.

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